Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.


What kinds of tablets are supported by HarmoniMD?

HarmoniMobile, an app that runs on tablets, currently supports all Android tablets that have decent autofocus cameras. This includes Samsung, Lenovo, and other makes. We will also be releasing an iOS version in the near future for iPads.

What kinds of desktop and laptop computers are needed for HarmoniMD?

HarmoniMD for desktops can run on any Windows or iOS computer since the desktop system is a web based application.

Can HarmoniMD be used over cell networks?

Yes. HarmoniMobile is optimized to be used over cell networks. This adds a layer of access for physicians outside of the hospital environment from any cell or wifi connection and also provides a backup to internet service.

Why is HarmoniMD priced on patient visits?

We price HarmoniMD based on our costs of hosting and supporting customer data. This makes our software affordable for any size hospital or clinic.

Is HarmoniMD priced by module like other EHR systems?

No. HarmoniMD is a single comprehensive system that manages all departments and is therefore priced as one system.

Does the HarmoniMD system use ICD10 codification?

Yes it does.

Can HarmoniMD connect to my PACS/RIS and LIS system?

Assuming that your PACS/RIS and LIS systems are HL7 compliant, HarmoniMD can connect to them for order entry and results.

Can I use HarmoniMD if I don’t have an LIS, RIS or PACS system?

Yes. HarmoniMD supports manual entry of lab and imaging results or we can recommend low cost LIS and PACS systems. You can start without these and add them later as well.

Will my patient data be secure?

Yes. HarmoniMD provides the highest level of security currently available for sensitive patient data. This includes multi-level verification of users, encryption, and activity monitoring.

Is HarmoniMD meaningful use certified for the US?

HarmoniMD was initially certified under 2011 meaningful use and is in the process of obtaining 2016 certification.

Is HarmoniMD available in other languages?

HarmoniMD will soon be available in Spanish and French.

What if my hospital is very poor and can’t afford HarmoniMD?

We will examine your hospital’s needs and determine if HarmoniMD can help your hospital be more profitable. Where possible, we will assist you in finding grant money to purchase the necessary hardware and can provide special pricing and/or deferred payment until your profitability improves. Our mission is to improve world health through mobile cloud computing and we take this mission seriously.

Can more than one person access a patient chart at the same time?

Yes. HarmoniMD is designed to allow multiple users to access the same chart simultaneously.

Does HarmoniMD capture charges for patient care?

Yes. HarmoniMD will capture all charges for patient care and provide patient billing and collections.

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