E-Health Records International, Inc. (EHRI Inc.) of Sebastopol, California, the makers of HarmoniMD, has signed a strategic partnership with ABILITY Network, a leader in healthcare information technology, to provide a suite of services including insurance eligibility, billing and collection.

Sebastopol, CA September 16, 2016:  EHRI Inc. is engaged in the delivery of low-cost hospital information systems in the developing world that include cloud-based and mobile applications for the management of medical care in hospitals and clinics.

ABILITY Network is a leading healthcare information technology company helping providers and payers simplify the administrative and clinical complexities of healthcare through innovative applications and data analytics. ABILITY is headquartered in Minneapolis with principal offices in Boston and Tampa.

“The ABILITY platform is the perfect complement to HarmoniMD, our hospital information system for the U.S. market,” says Nick Smith, CEO and Founder of EHRI Inc. “HarmoniMD manages the full clinical environment in hospitals and ABILITY manages insurance eligibility, billing and collection. The process of billing and collection for hospital services in the U.S. is exceedingly complex and in constant flux so having ABILITY Network as a partner will give us the opportunity to better serve U.S.-based hospitals in the future.”

EHRI is currently focused on developing-world hospitals and is in the midst of implementations in the Philippines, Tanzania, and Kenya. The company anticipates developing sales in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America as well.

EHRI was founded by Nick Smith, Dan Smith (no relation) and Dr. James Gude. Dr. Gude is a pioneer in telemedicine and founder of OffSiteCare Resources, Inc., a Sebastopol-based telemedicine company and a founder of Global OffSiteCare, a Rotary program aimed at providing physician consultations and education to developing-world hospitals. Dan Smith is founder of The Master Builder, a construction management software system sold to Intuit in 2001.

For more information, contact Nick Smith, CEO EHRI, Inc. 707 284 4300 x102.