HarmoniMD™ is the only truly affordable Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that can manage all aspects of clinical care in a busy hospital environment. Created by eHealth Records International, Inc. (eHRI), HarmoniMD is the product of a continuous user-centric design process; this cloud-hosted, web-based platform is the fastest, most affordable system available to implement in a small to medium-sized hospital environment. 


Get started on this amazing EHR platform in just one day. Be up and running quickly with the base feature set, then add workflow functionality as desired. HarmoniMD runs in a web browser, allowing secure access across all operating systems; there is no software to install.

Our unique mobile applications use low-cost tablets to give nurses, doctors and other clinicians a full patient chart in their pocket; providers enter orders and view results remotely. This reduces operating costs by eliminating mobile bedside workstations in favor of hand-held devices that capture more patient data with less effort, making patient documentation more efficient.

HarmoniMD connects easily to your existing clinical, financial, and supply chain systems making the seamless, bi-directional flow of data possible while eliminating manual data entry and establishing true interoperability. In addition, the system automatically collects data from patient monitoring equipment.

Easily customize and configure access according to your requirements for connected clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and referring providers.

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