eHealth Records International Data Security

eHealth Records International, Inc. (EHRI) takes the security of client data very seriously and to that end has implemented many security measures to protect our system infrastructure and client data from unwarranted access.  EHRI has made regular investments in best-of-breed technology to safeguard our infrastructure and has taken steps within our software to assure that access to client data follows industry standard protocols for HIPAA compliance. EHRI also has in place the following security policies (available upon request):

  • Audit controls policy
  • Computing devices and electronic storage media policy
  • Data and systems integration policy
  • Email and other electronic messaging policy
  • Facilities security policy
  • Contingency planning policy
  • Information access controls policy
  • Security management policy
  • Transmission of electronic patient health information policy

Because most security breaches are the result of internal leaks of user account information or malware that is inadvertently imported, EHRI works with clients to help them develop policies and procedures that minimize data access risks.