HarmoniMD is provided as Software As A Service (SAAS). You don’t pay for the software, only for its use based on the volume of patient visits and facility data storage requirements. Additionally, we take into consideration your hospital’s needs to price the system so that it will be revenue positive from the first day of use. Special dispensations are made for DOH, faith-based, and community hospitals.

Initial setup, implementation, and training is charged on a cost plus basis so you can keep your costs low by having us train your trainers instead of directly training all of your staff. This can be accomplished on your site, through webinars, or at our California offices. We also encourage you to complete initial setup of databases like medications, users, physicians, charge master, and procedures by your staff under our guidance to keep your costs low.

In order to receive a formal quote from us, we request the following information:

  • The annual number of inpatient admissions.
  • The annual number of outpatient visits (including ER, radiology, lab, and clinic).
  • Your current PACS system (if any).
  • Your current LIS system (if any).
  • Your current Pharmacy system (if any).
  • The number of physicians practicing in your hospital.
  • Your corporate status (for profit, nonprofit, faith-based, government, etc).
  • If you are seeking HarmoniMD for more than one hospital/clinic.
  • If you have reliable internet connectivity or need a local server.

We typically do not provide hardware and networking, however, we will provide pre-setup servers in locations where internet connectivity is unreliable.

Give us the details of your project, and we’ll respond with an accurate quote and timeline for the project. Email a request for quote to Sales.

Need something else? Use our Contact Us page.