HarmoniMD™ Electronic Clinical Documents (ECDs) are designed to allow the healthcare provider to easily document exam findings at the bedside.  Electronic Clinical Documents provide an integrated, easy-to-use computerized-physician order entry (CPOE) system.

ECDs support a full array of easy-to-use features, making data entry simple and intuitive. You can quickly create additional exams using our Electronic Clinical Document Designer or customize existing exams and order sets to meet your requirements.

A variety of sub-specialty documents can be created, modified and customized. Categories include Admit Orders, Evaluations, and Notes. Customized sub-specialty examples are as follows:
  • Admit Orders

Acute Stroke Admit Orders
Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Orders
COPD Exacerbation Admit Orders
General Admit Orders
Heart Failure Admit Orders
Insulin Order Sliding Scale Adult
Pneumonia Admit Orders
Sepsis Screen Admit Orders

  • Standard Protocol Orders

Empiric Antibiotic Orders
Intensive Insulin Therapy Orders
Emergency Department Physician Report/Record
Tinetti Balance Assessment Tool
Berg Balance Scale
Six Minute Walk Test (6MWT) recording form
SWMC PICC line Insertion Documentation
Time Up and Go (TUG) Test

  • Evaluations

BRIEF Speech-Language Pathology Evaluation
Cardiopulmonary Eval / Treatment Notes
Dysphagia Evaluation
Intravenous Contrast Media Usage Evaluation
Occupational Therapy Evaluation
Physical Therapy Evaluation
Speech-Language Pathology Evaluation
Swallow Evaluation
Nursing Shift Assessment

  • Notes

Occupational Therapy Progress Note
Physical Therapy Progress Note
Speech Treatment Note
Swallow Treatment Note
Peripheral Nerve Block Note

  • Exams and Summaries

Discharge Summary
History and Physical
Anesthesia History and Physical
Post-Anesthesia Physical Exam
Pre-Operative Checklist
Time Out / Universal Protocol