In a market of multi-million dollar hospital software, HarmoniMD™ is a disruptive technology that reinvents the hospital medical record as an affordable and easy-to-use solution delivered on mobile devices and sold as Software As A Service (SAAS). By delivering an intuitive interface that requires almost no training and runs on inexpensive tablets and netbook computers, HarmoniMD is able to be budget-positive for a variety of hospitals around the world.

Central to this disruption is the fact that the company has developed core technologies with a small team of brilliant programmers, with minimal investment and almost no overhead. This team has diligently adhered to the company’s core principles:

  • The product must provide full hospital/clinical management in all departments.
  • Be very reasonably priced.
  • Be accessible over cell networks and low bandwidth wifi.
  • Be flexible enough to work anywhere in the world.
  • Allow doctors and nurses to function with minimal training.

The proof of a disruptive technology is always in the implementation. In November of 2015, Sonoma West Medical Center in Sebastopol, California went live in all departments using HarmoniMD with only one trainer on site. This included HL7 integration with PACS, LIS, pharmacy and billing software. An implementation of this kind would normally take 18 months and cost over a million dollars but was accomplished in a matter of weeks.

Presently, HarmoniMD is being implemented in Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre in Tanzania, a 600-bed tertiary hospital and at Matata Nursing Hospital in Kenya, a 120-bed facility. The company has also been invited to Rwanda and Uganda to meet with government officials to discuss potential country-wide implementations.

With these implementations, HarmoniMD is proving itself to be a desirable and unique platform that can be transformed to serve many electronic health record applications. For example, the company developed a national hearing screening application for the Department of Health of the Philippines that sits on top of the HarmoniMD cloud platform in collaboration with eHRI’s sister company in the Philippines, Health Informatics, Inc. which is working in a number of clinics including Maago, which is a 300-physician clinic system.

eHealth Records International, Inc. is currently focused on worldwide marketing and sales through in-country value-added resellers who are already selling complementary software applications to hospitals. For more information, contact Nick Smith, CEO at eHealth Records International, Inc.