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Easy to Use

  • No more paper Charts!
  • Quick search for patient—search by patient name or scan QR code— save time and enhance workflow while reducing errors
  • Drop-down lists eliminate redundant typing and errors
  • Searchable lists reduce look-up time (e.g. quick searching of all ICD10 codes)
  • Automation of patient demographics: Easy to update with a record of all changes stored
  • Automatic generation of MRNs
  • Easy scanning of paper documents into the electronic chart
  • Quick access to currently admitted Patient Charts, listed by department, name, MRN, etc.
  • Patient Chart data grouped by Patient Visit
    • Automation of orders:
      • Laboratory orders and results
      • Imaging orders and results
      • Medication orders
      • Procedure orders
      • Dietary orders
      • Nursing orders
      • Automation of Medication Administration
      • Remote entry of orders and viewing of results by designated Providers
      • Worklists for Lab, Pharmacy, Imaging, Dietary and Restorative Care staff to manage orders
  • Automated notification of drug contraindications for:
    • Drugs already prescribed
    • Allergens entered (medication, food and environmental)

HarmoniMobile-Specific Features

  • Using a 7-10″ tablet, HarmoniMobile fits in a lab coat pocket for easy access and efficient bedside charting
  • Take photos of patient wounds, post-surgical conditions and treatment progression using the tablet camera
  • Graph view of lab results and vitals for fast interpretation of trends over time

Improved Patient Care

  • System-wide structured clinical care
  • Standardized best practices
  • Patient confidentiality maintained at all levels
  • Bar coding of patients, drugs and supplies
  • Photos of patient conditions, surgeries and treatments
  • Improved financial performances

Data Storage & Security

  • Conforms with HL7, ICD-10, CPT, Snomed and other international standards for healthcare data capture and management
  • Exceeds all HIPAA requirements (USA)
  • Data transfer has the highest level of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) /encryption
  • Cloud-based or local server storage options
  • Cloud-based: Secure data centers feature state-of-the-art physical security, data back-ups and redundant power supplies
  • Local server: Backup drive on-site
  • You own your data and can export it as PDF, XLS, CSV, RTF, TIFF, Web Archive or XPS
  • You control who sees what and from where, according to your rules on a per-user basis
  • Patient confidentiality maintained at all levels with automatic logging of patient data views
  • Data integrity is maintained with audit reporting of all changes to patient records

Customer Support

  • Training and implementation support for your Implementation Team
  • Remote product support for your IT team, including access to helpdesk to enter and track bug reports and request enhancements
  • Remote training for on-site trainers
  • Online video tutorials available 24/7
  • On-site training (fee-based)


  • Supports industry standard HL7 protocols
  • Supports QR-code, Patient ID, label printers and scanners
  • Potential to interface with HL7-compliant LIS, PACS, Pharmacy, Billing & Accounting systems, and Hospital Information Systems (HIS) (Additional charges may apply)


  • Standard Hospital-wide and Patient-specific reports
  • Charge code reports with CPT and ICD-10 codes
  • Customized reports (Additional charges may apply)

Data Unique to Your Facility

  • Customize Departments, Rooms & Admit Types
  • Transfer Facilities & Outside Laboratories
  • Pharmacy Formulary, including options for:
    • Black Box, High Alert, & Fall Risk Warnings
    • Two-signature requirement
    • Email alerts for late medication administration
    • Charging only when medication is administered
    • Mandatory labs
  • Laboratory panels, tests & normal ranges
  • Imaging orders & categories
  • Procedures
  • Medical Devices
  • Dietary Nutrition
  • All consumable items & prices
  • Discount types (for billing purposes)

Other Features

  • Upgrades done automatically, free-of-charge
  • Backward compatibility of clinical documents (Outdated forms from earlier software versions can be read on current version.)
  • Operates in a very low bandwidth environment (256 kpbs per concurrent user)
  • Continuous user-centric design